[DRBD-user] Migration metadata from 0.7.x to 8.x.x fail with "Magic number not found"

Florian Haas florian.haas at linbit.com
Tue Nov 13 23:09:07 CET 2007

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in case you're wondering why this list is being quiet about your issue, let me 
guess it's a least partly because you haven't exactly made it easy for us to 
even understand what's going on.

To illustrate, only to glean the differences between your 0.7.24 and your 
8.2.0 config, I had to do this:

unzip drbd.conf.zip
for ver in 0.7.24 8.2.0; do
  # strip comments, empty lines 
  grep -Ev "(^[[:space:]]*#)|(^$)" drbd.conf.$ver > drbd.conf.$ver.clean
diff --side-by-side drbd.conf.0.7.24.clean drbd.conf.8.2.0.clean | less

OK, Lars probably has a way shorter regexp for that grep, but you get the 
picture. :-) But even after running it through that cruft, I'm having real 
difficulty reading your config because your protocol option, and your disk, 
handlers, syncer, startup, and net sections are configured on the resource 
level -- and appear to be _exactly_ the same for every single resource.

You really need to set all of that once in the "common" section rather than 
per resource; it will make your config a lot less verbose and much easier to 
read. And everyone on this list is more likely to scan through 130 lines of 
plain text config than through 677 hidden away in a zip archive, hint 
hint. :-)

At first glance I can see that your syncer rate is way off at 700MB/s. I 
highly doubt that your network is even coming close to that throughput. But 
that's unrelated to the metadata conversion issue you appear to be having.

So, two suggestions:
- Skip 8.2.0 and go straight to 8.2.1. This is because of the nasty null 
pointer dereference bug we had in 8.2.0 due to a change in the kernel crypto 
- Fix your config. Use the common section as intended, remove the "skip {}" 
section included in the default config for illustrative purposes, remove 
empty lines and comments, and re-post if your issue persists on 8.2.1.


On Tuesday 13 November 2007 08:26:43 Francis SOUYRI wrote:
> Hello,
>     Lars, Phillip, Florian, do you have an idea why the 0.7.x find the
> metadata magic number of the resource and the 8.2.x do not ?
> Best regards.
> Francis

: Florian G. Haas
: LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH
: Vivenotgasse 48, A-1120 Vienna, Austria

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