Poor performance solved WAS: Re: [DRBD-user] 2.6.24-rc1 oops

Matteo Tescione matteo at rmnet.it
Mon Nov 12 04:49:28 CET 2007

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Hi someone, 

What do u mean by stripe align a file system? I used to align partition to
the 128 sector, but i think it's another matter... However i use vmfs over
my drbd resources.
I will try to move the meta-data out of the raid5-6 set, is it possible to
migrate them instead of destroying the entire file-system?


#Matteo Tescione
#RMnet srl

Il 11-11-2007 20:24, "H.D." <devnull at deleted.on.request> ha

> Pierguido Lambri wrote:
>> Matteo Tescione wrote:
>>> It's all about raid5/6 level configurations that is absolutely
>>> unreliable.
>>> If anyone has any idea of what's going on....
>> It seems we have the same problems :-)
> It is essential to stripe align a file system if the array uses a parity
> based RAID level (5/6).
> If you are willing to test something please tell me the configured
> stripe width of that array, the RAID level and the amount of drives and
> I'll give you a fitting mkfs line for XFS.

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