[DRBD-user] New to the list and a ?

Kelly Byrd kbyrd-drbd at memcpy.com
Fri Nov 9 16:48:13 CET 2007

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On Fri, 9 Nov 2007 10:39:13 -0500, "Benjamin Zachary" <ben at levelfive.us>

> If Im way off base on how Im planning to utilize drbd advice is welcome.

It sounds like you're doing a continuous backup, with no need to fast 
recovery (you mentioned bringing the secondary online by going and 
getting it). 

This is a reasonable use, but consider that if you use protocol C, writes
on your primary are blocked until the data travels the WAN and is written
on the secondary. If you must have an exact copy, this will work, but
something less synchronous might work too. 

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