[DRBD-user] Best practice for starting drbd by OS under drbddisk heartbeat control

Doug Knight dknight at wsi.com
Mon May 14 16:20:14 CEST 2007

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Thanks Mark. I currently run heartbeat from the distro init script, I
was more interested in the drbd startup. I had originally tried using
the Heartbeat master/slave configuration of drbd, using the
heartbeat-supplied drbd OCF script, but there's some issues that need
working out in heartbeat's master/slave resource handling. The
master/slave config handles drbd startup and well as the primary/master
and secondary/slave promotes and demotes. I was trying to think of a way
to handle the restart of drbd outside of heartbeat to avoid the
master/slave issues. drbd comes up fine via init scripts, just wanted a
way to monitor and restart if necessary the drbd process, but outside of
heartbeat. Make sense?


On Mon, 2007-05-14 at 14:40 +0100, Mark Watts wrote:

> > Hi,
> > I recently posted the following email on the HA-Linux email list, and
> > after considering the topic of the email decided that it is probaly more
> >
> > appropriate on the DRBD-user list. So here it is:
> > > Thanks, and drbddisk seems to be working great through all of my test
> > > cases so far. So, how do most people configure the DRBD
> > > startup, /etc/rc.d S script or define in inittab? Does it matter?
> The way I do it is using the init scripts provided by my distro (Mandriva, in 
> this case) to start drbd and then start heartbeat.
> I don't see a particular benefit to starting said software from /etc/inittab 
> for a couple of reasons:
> 1) The drbd init script only needs to run once (as far as I can see) on each 
> node; if your system can't run a script reliably at boot then you have bigger 
> things to worry about.
> 2) If heartbeat crashes, I'd rather know about it so I can analyse why it 
> crashed, rather than it be respawned automatically by init and potentially 
> cause more damage.
> Mark.
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