[DRBD-user] how long does drbd device do sync

Mark Watts m.watts at eris.qinetiq.com
Thu May 10 11:44:58 CEST 2007

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> Hi all:
>       I have no idea about how long the primary sync its data to secondary?
> Or once the data is changed on primary physical device, it is send to
> secondary immediately?

Data replication is basically real-time, within the constraints of network 
bandwidth and raw I/O performance.

In the "resource" section of /etc/drbd.conf, you define the transfer protocol 
to use for that resource (/dev/drbd0 for example).

It can be one of the following three:

   C: write IO is reported as completed, if we know it has
      reached _both_ local and remote DISK.
      * for critical transactional data.

   B: write IO is reported as completed, if it has reached
      local DISK and remote buffer cache.
      * for most cases.

   A: write IO is reported as completed, if it has reached
      local DISK and local tcp send buffer. (see also sndbuf-size)
      * for high latency networks

If you choose C, then write a file to the DRBD'd filesystem, the write won't 
return (ie: the command won't complete) until the data is written to both 
local and remote disks.


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