[DRBD-user] DRBD 8 on top of LVM

H.D. devnull at deleted.on.request
Tue May 8 16:01:17 CEST 2007

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It works fine, at least with ACID conform applications and journaling 
file systems.

In case your applications don't conform to ACID you should find a way to 
flush all buffers before taking the snapshot.

On 08.05.2007 15:52, Jeff Fisher wrote:
> Does anyone here use DRBD 8 on top of LVM?
> I have a ~1TB file system (full of small files, < 50K) that I would like 
> to take backups of but I'd like to do the backup on the secondary 
> machine if possible.
> My thinking is that I can take an LVM snapshot of the drbd device and 
> then mount it and do my backup there. This way, I'm taking advantage of 
> the secondary that is sitting there and not doing any reads to its disks.
> I have not tested this at all yet and I am not even sure if this will 
> work. Does anyone do anything similar to this?


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