[DRBD-user] create new drbd data fails, magic number v08, vo7 not found

Anuj Singh anujhere at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 12:38:19 CEST 2007

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kernel version=2.6.9-55.4.EL
[root at pr0021 ~]# drbdadm create-md r0
v08 Magic number not found
v07 Magic number not found
About to create a new drbd meta data block
on /dev/hda4.

 ==> This might destroy existing data! <==

Do you want to proceed?
[need to type 'yes' to confirm] yes

lseek64() failed: Invalid argument
Command 'drbdmeta /dev/drbd0 v08 /dev/hda4 internal create-md'
terminated with exit code 20

how to fix this error. i formatted /dev/hda4 again.. problem is same.
thanks and regards/
anugun anuj

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