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Mike Tewner tewner at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 17:16:27 CEST 2007

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I've noticed that not so many people out there are running drbd
primary/primary - at least according to the list traffic here.

Now, I'm a newbie at drbd.

we needed a redundant postfix server with apache and mysql - with

It seems as though the init scripts aren't updated to support
primary/primary - but I could be wrong

Either way, I make a cludgy fix by adding  "  $DRBDADM primary all  "  to
the end of the "start)" section in /etc/init.d/drbd . Both machines will now
become primary on boot. (normal behavior seems to be to become secondary) Of
course, you'll need the proper configuration ( allow-two-primaries )
Of course, if you're using heartbeat, you'll have to change the relevant


the proper thing is to add official support for primary/primary in a
reliable manner (with logic, which I didi't use any of :-) to the
start/stops script and convince the hearbeat guys to do the same. It would
be a great project for someone who has time to give back.

Lars, just out of pure curiosity - is there support for more than 2
primaries? I mean, if GFS/OCFS2  is managing locking, what is the limiting
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