[DRBD-user] meta-disk query - and lvm/pvcreate question....

Ken Kleiner ken at cs.uml.edu
Mon Jun 4 16:56:01 CEST 2007

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   We are trying to make sure we properly set up the meta-data  
definition in our configuration file.  Our question is when we use  
meta-disk internal, is that using the last 128MB of the
device defined in the resource, or the last 128MB of the whole disk?   

   on disk1 {
     device     /dev/drbd0;
     disk         /dev/hde5;
     meta-disk  internal;

    Is this  going to put the meta-disk info on the last 128MB of / 
dev/hde5 or /dev/hde?  We assume it's hde5, but want to make sure.

    Also, if we are going to put lvm on top of the drbd device, would  
we use pvcreate with a size of /dev/hde5 less 128MB?

    Thanks in advance!

Ken Kleiner
System Manager
UMass Lowell
Computer Science Department

"Please stand clear of the doors..."  WDW

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