[DRBD-user] GigE vs Bonded NICs

Alessandro Ferrari alexferro at tiscali.it
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How do you think to make NIC bonding?

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  I have 2 storage servers that use DRBD to sync the disks, with an additional 2 servers that connect via iSCSI and mount an OCFS2 partition. All 4 servers have dual gigabit network cards. Currently, I have the 2 storage servers connected via a cat6 crossover cable for DRBD - this is on a private network. The other 2 servers connect to the storage server through a gigabit switch. Someone recommended bonding all of the nics on each server and the ports on the switch and running everything over the same network at 2Gbps, rather than 1. My thought was that this may degrade the reliability of DRBD by it not having its own private communication channel. Am I correct? Or is bonding everything together so that it all can run at 2Gbps a good idea?



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