[DRBD-user] How does protocol A work across a WAN?

Chris de Vidal chris at devidal.tv
Tue Jul 3 19:36:49 CEST 2007

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*LOVE* DRBD.  Whatta killer app!

Suppose I'm syncing with protocol A across a slow WAN link and suppose the primary node has
several minutes' worth of changes that have not yet been synced to the secondary node.

Suppose then the primary node goes down before all of the recent changes could be copied to the
secondary node.

Would the only losses to the secondary node be those recent few minutes?  Or might there be other,
out-of-step changes that are lost as well?

Another way to ask the question: are changes run through a strictly first-in first-out (FIFO)
process or could they be sent across the wire in random order for optimization?  Is the order of
changes strictly in the order that they happened on the primary node?  Or is there some reordering
for performance or some other reason?


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