[DRBD-user] drbdsetup doesn't know --do-what-i-say

Sudhakar Mekathotti mekats at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 15:20:38 CET 2007

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--do-what-i-say option has been renamed to --overwrite-data-of-peer  in the
recent versions of drbd.


On 2/26/07, Thomas Gräber <list at aepnet.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using Opensuse 10.2 as Guest OS in an Vmware-Server. I have installed
> and the Kernelmodule from the DVD.
> I've configured drbd and started it via the init-script. Both nodes are
> up,
> but in secondary/inconsistent state.
> the command:
> drbdadm primary all
> on the first node fails because of the inconsistent-state.
> drbdadm -- --do-what-i-say  primary all
> says:
> drbdsetup: unrecognized option '--do-what-i-say'
> but:
> drbdadm -- -d  primary all
> says:
> You have to spell out --do-what-i-say, if you mean it
> drbdsetup seems to know the parameter, but doesn't accept it.
> Has anyone any idea, why?
> I've also tried to compile the actual-drbd-Version from drbd.org, but same
> Problem.
> It would be beautiful, if someone had some hints for me.
> Thanks,
> Thomas
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