[DRBD-user] drbdadm robustness :-(

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Mon Feb 19 13:00:42 CET 2007

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I've succeeded at making drbd work as a master-slave resource in
heartbeat v2 now. So far, so good.

However, drbdadm makes it exceptionally hard and annoying to parse its
output, which means I end up having to filter and post-process it
heavily, none of which is going to make it very easy to maintain the

- The header printed when __DRBD_NODE__ is found in the environment is
  totally useless.

- When asking drbdadm about the state of a resource not listed locally,
  it prints warnings about the other resources. That's very annoying:

  # drbdadm state r1 ; echo $?
  /etc/drbd.conf:118: in resource r0, on node_0 { ... } ... on node_1 {
  ... }:
          There are multiple host sections for the peer.
	  Maybe misspelled local host name 'xen-1'?
  /etc/drbd.conf:1: in resource r0:
	  missing section 'on xen-1 { ... }'.

  _Yes_, I know, because __DRBD_NODE__ is not going to be set here,
  because I'm asking about a different resource!
- Even when this works, I get

	xen-1:~ # __DRBD_NODE__=node_0 drbdadm state r1 ; echo $?

	   found __DRBD_NODE__ in environment
	   PRETENDING that I am >>node_0<<

	'r1' not defined in your config.

  wouldn't it be more consistent if this consisted of a single "Not

- When the drbd module is not loaded, I get back a warning and exit code
  20, shouldn't this be an "Not loaded"/"Not configured" as well?

- drbdadm doesn't propagate back error codes. Even when drbdsetup fails
  (drbdadm primary, for example), it still exits with 0 - success.

  ioctl(,SET_STATE,) failed: Permission denied
  Partner is already primary
  Command '/sbin/drbd setup /dev/drbd0 primary' terminated with exit code 20
  drbdadm aborting
- drbdadm disconnect seems to also demote a primary; I'd expect it to
  just disconnect it from the secondary?

I already mailed about some of these to the -dev list on Date: Fri, 26
Jan 2007 16:24:08 +0100, but didn't receive any replies yet ...

I'm not clear how to proceed.

Some of these are clear bugs (ie, error propagation), but is drbdadm the
tool I should be using - in which case it probably needs to be made more
useful for scripting, maybe with a -q switch -, or do I need to call
drbdsetup directly, which would complicate my scripts in other ways?


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