[DRBD-user] drbd 0.8 primary/primary limit question

vasiliy at linuxspecial.com vasiliy at linuxspecial.com
Mon Dec 24 19:39:55 CET 2007

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Ladies and Gents,

   Current project is asking for a clustered file system 
to be used in a small web farm.  Unfortunately, NFS is not 
an option at this point, for budget constraints... small 

   Researching alternative options... and seeing DRBD 
primary/primary option with OCFS2 as a feasible 

   Question...  You can only have 2 primary/primary nodes 
in such setup, correct?  In my case, if I got a 3rd web 
server, client would have to procure a NAS...

Best Regards,

Vasiliy Boulytchev

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