[DRBD-user] FS shrinking and LVM

Stephane Davy stephane.davy at gerpi.fr
Thu Sep 21 11:46:18 CEST 2006

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I've encountered well-known problem using DRBD: I haven't shrunk my
existing filesystem during the setup process. Now, my fs contains errors
and I need to run fsck on it to fix everything.
My question are the following: 
The /dev/drbd0 device is linked to a logical volume. Instead of
shrinking my filesystem, can I extend the logical volume in order to
have the same result? 
What do I need to do after? 
Do I need to invalidate the secondary in order to have a full synchro?

And last question: is it safe to run fsck on /dev/drbd0? Can this damage
more my filesystem?

thanks a lot for your answers

PS: would it be possible to emphasize a little bit more this question of
shrink in the documentation?

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