[DRBD-user] Question about using DRBD

KOZMAN Balint bkozman at imind.hu
Tue Sep 12 12:29:40 CEST 2006

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On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, Tony's Linux wrote:

> hi,
> I want to use drbd for Samba and Samba already sits on /var/lib/samba in SuSe
> 10.1.
> I created a new partition /dev/hda6 which i would like to use for Samba only.
> A few qusestion come to mind:
> 1. What happens if there are already some files in that
> directory,ie., /var/lib/samba ?

Well, nothing until /var/lib/samba and /dev/hda6 have nothing in common.
Once you decide to use /dev/hda6 as part of a drbd array, you will need
to mount /var/lib/samba there. But you will never need to access /dev/hda6
directly, as drbd will hide the underlying devices, so you'll want to
mount the "upper" drbd device.

> 2. Will drbd handle files which are already in that directory ?  Or do i have
> to back it up and then copied it into the directory ?

Definetly not. Before creating a drbd md, take care of backuping your data


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