[DRBD-user] drbd and heartbeat 2

Saul, Markus Markus.Saul at danet.de
Thu Nov 30 14:32:52 CET 2006

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> Hello,
> Who had a good configuration file for heartbeat v2 with drbd 
> ? I juste 
> setup two servers with heartbeat v2 to load balance an IP 
> address, but I 
> don't find any solution to load balance the IP and the drdb 
> directory. 
> This is my cib.xml file :
> [...]

As far as I know, there is no 100% integration in Heartbeat 2 yet.
You could deploy DRBD in a master/slave configuration with the supplied OCF
drbd script.
The thing is: for a working environment  in the master/slave context of Heartbeat 2 
the developers say they need to rewrite 50% code of pengine code.
That doesn't stop you from testing the above mentioned setup though.


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