[DRBD-user] drbd + ocfs2

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Mon Nov 27 04:51:53 CET 2006

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I have drbd 0.7.21-1.c4 installed from RPM on CentOS 4.4. I also have iSCSI
Enteprise Target installed. There are two servers that are the exact same -
Dell PowerEdge 2950, each with a 1TB RAID 10 to be exported via iSCSI. Then,
I have 2 clients, with ocfs2 installed that use an iSCSI initiator to
connect to one of the servers. This works fine - I am able to mount the
drive, read and write files, etc. However, if I mount the drive via iSCSI
from Server A and write some files to it, they do not Sync over to Server B.
I did watch drbd do a full sync of the systems (via cat /proc/drbd). If I
check status, it shows the correct server as primary, shows the data as
consistent, but if I switch the server that is primary and point my client
(iSCSI/ocfs2) to that server, I get a different set of files. I do not have
the drive (/dev/sdb1) mounted on the primary drbd server. It only gets
mounted on the client machines. Do I need to install ocfs2 on the servers
and mount the drive on the primary server? I assumed ocfs2/iSCSI would
handle writing the data to the drive and drbd would mirror it to the
secondary server. Anyone have any ideas what I missed? Thanks,


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