[DRBD-user] Re: Why is drbd 0.7.22 slow on Opteron 240 EE?

Lars Knudsen lakn at hcdk.com
Wed Nov 22 11:14:05 CET 2006

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> >and then to benchmark:
> >  ./dm -x -a 0 -s 4g -b 20m -m -y -p -o /maurice/bonnie/hello

Im seeing the following results for partitions outside/inside drbd:
outside: 204.67 MB/sec (4294967296 B / 00:20.012843)
inside: 21.40 MB/sec (4294967296 B / 03:11.389558)

Servers are Dell PowerEdge 2950, 8g mem, 6*SATA on megaraid_sas controller.


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