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Don Meyer dlmeyer at uiuc.edu
Sat Nov 4 02:14:51 CET 2006

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I tried to build RPMs against this tarball on my 
RHEL4 build system earlier today, and it failed 
with the stock distribution code.   I traced the 
problem down to line 100 of 
drbd/linux/connector.h -- where gfp_t is defined 
if it supposedly has not already.

I found that the comparison in line 97, looking 
for KERNEL_HAS_GFP_T is not finding this value 
defined, although the RHEL kernels do have the 
definitions in place.   Substituting the 
following in line 97 fixes the problem, prevents 
the redefinition and allows the package to build apparently correctly.

#if defined(NETLNK_ROUTE6) && !defined(__LINUX_GFP_H)

This correctly identifies that the RHEL4 gfp.h 
has been processed, and avoids the 
redefinition.   The comment at line 99 states 
"Ths ifdef check needs to be refined" -- 
hopefully you can incorporate this little tidbit toward this end.


At 08:46 AM 11/3/2006, Philipp Reisner wrote:
>Now drbd-8.0 really looks good. Besides the missing documentation
>updates it is rather complete now.
>For the first time I am thinking about using drbd-8.0 on my own
>production systems....
>8.0pre6 (api:85/proto:85)
>  * All panic() calls where removed from DRBD.
>  * IO errors while accessing the backing storage device are now handled
>    correct.
>  * Conflict detection for two primaries is in place and tested.
>  * More tracing stuff
>  * Lots of bugs found and fixed
>BTW, Please also report spelling errors...
>It is time to fix those also.
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