[DRBD-user] /dev/drbdx disappearing after a reboot

Richard Andrews randrews at pelmorex.com
Mon Mar 27 19:01:25 CEST 2006

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Before I begin, my platform consists of the following machines:

2x Dell 2850 running RHFC4 w/vanilla kernel 2.6.15 smp & drbd 0.7


As the subject says, we're losing our drbd devices under /dev after a reboot
of the system.  This is in turn is affecting the rest of heartbeat's
processes and ultimately breaking the cluster.


Current fix:

I've manually have to run the following each time a system reboots:


for i in $(seq 0 15) ; do mknod /dev/drbd$i b 147 $i ; done

modprobe drbd; drbdadm up all; dmesg | tail; cat /proc/drbd

drbdadm -- connect all

drbdadm primary all

/etc/init.d/heartbeat restart


Can anyone explain why I'm losing the devices under /dev and suggest a way
to make those nodes permanent?

Richard Andrews
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