[DRBD-user] DRBD and Fedora

Chip Burke cburke at innova-partners.com
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Get the latest version of DRBD and the bug you describe has been fixed.

0.7.16 (api:77/proto:74)
 * DRBD no longer shrinks an consistent device if it gets connected to
   an smaller peer or attached to a smaller disk.
 * There was a bug related to the degr-wcf-timeout config option, it was
   never used in recent DRBD releases. Fixed.
 ******* Made DRBD work with Neil Brown's patch, that serializes recusive
   ralls to generic_make_request(). FC4 included that patch in its
   later kernels. *******
 * Minor fixes to drbdadm
 * Compiles now also with Linux-2.6.16-rc1
 * Updates to documentation and example config file to make it more
   clear that we talk about byte/second and not bit/second.

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I am new to DRBD and after some experimenting...followed by reading.. I 
now know DRBD hangs with the latest Fedora Core 4 kernel 
(2.6.15-1.1833_FC4). I can't do a simple mkfs. Apparently this is due to 
some kernel patch that I can remove. I rather not change distributions 
due to various reasons. I would like to see a patch to DRBD that solves 
this, or a patch to the FC kernel that doesn't require me recompiling a 
new kernel every time a new kernel is released. Thank you for the 
development efforts for this project.

So, I am thinking of two computers with DRBD and heartbeat for NFS/LDAP, 
limiting the computers to the last kernel that still works with DRBD.

Can I do LVM2 -> DRBD -> RAID -> FS or DRBD -> RAID -> LVM2

I want a expandable robust filesystem...is DRBD up to the task?

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