[DRBD-user] LVM and DRBD

patrice.dronnier at bull.net patrice.dronnier at bull.net
Tue Mar 14 10:08:32 CET 2006

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What is the best solution to implement :
      - lvm2 on top of drbd
      - drbd on top of lvm2
Could you explain why to use a solution rather than the other ?
Does a best practice exist on these subject ? (howto, ... ??)

I am using :
      - RHEL4 U2
      - lvm2-2.01.14-2.0.RHEL4
      - drbd-0.7.17-1
      - system-config-lvm-1.0.5-1.0
      - drbd-km-2.6.9_22.ELsmp-0.7.17-1

Thanks in advance ?
Patrice Dronnier

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