[DRBD-user] config problem, meta-disk

Gary W. Smith gary at primeexalia.com
Tue Mar 7 07:11:51 CET 2006

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I have done multiple installs of DRBD in the past without fail.  We have
a set of active servers that we need to start mirroring the data.  We
added a new drive for the purposes of creating the DRBD partition.  The
primary is full so I can't use meta-disk internal.  I am trying to use
the device based meta-disk

  on servera {
    device    /dev/drbd0;
    disk      /dev/sdb1;
    meta-disk /dev/sdb2[0];

On /dev/sda1 I have created two partitions (24.5gb /dev/sdb1 and a 750mb

major minor  #blocks  name

   8     0   12582912 sda
   8     1     128488 sda1
   8     2    1052257 sda2
   8     3   11398117 sda3
   8    16   25165824 sdb
   8    17   24418768 sdb1
   8    18     747022 sdb2
 147     0          1 drbd0

But when I start DRBD it shows drbd0 with 1 block.  This is obviously
wrong.  Running mkfs.ext3 fails each time.

mke2fs 1.35 (28-Feb-2004)
/dev/drbd0: Invalid argument passed to ext2 library while setting up

I know I must be missing something simple somewhere.  Does the partition
type matter for the /dev/sdb2?  There is nothing in the doc's that I
have come across that says that it should be a particular type.  If it
is can you please point me towards it?  Can I use a file instead of a
block device?

Unfortunately these are active production systems already running
linux-ha so it's hard to take them down to rebuild them just to add some
additional space for the internal meta disks.  The general data is
rsycned between the two.  On all new builds we usually keep a good
amount of top end space on the partition for things like this (or swap

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gary Wayne Smith
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