[DRBD-user] drbd on md file ext3 corruption

Arne Groh agroh at asl.uni-kassel.de
Thu Jul 13 12:35:18 CEST 2006

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Brent Jensen wrote:
> Eugene,
> So in your opinion (stress option) is this unrelated to DRBD and more of 
> an EXT3/MD/Kernel issue? Were you using MD or hardware raid when it 
> failed? What are you using now? Did you ever try a different filesystem 
> other than EXT3 on top of MD/DRBD?
> Thanks,

after two years having problems with xfs on drbddevices, now we are 
using ext3. but at first again we had unreproducable kernelcrashes.
reducing the syncer parameter to 80% of maximal speed solved the 
problem.( we've a 100Mbit crosscable-connection between the nods and our 
syncerparam is now at 80M)
our fileserver is up now for over six weeks...

maybe it helps...


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