[DRBD-user] cysnc2 vs linking hackery

Rafiu Fakunle rafiu at openfiler.com
Tue Dec 5 18:41:58 CET 2006

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Hi all,

I've been reading about csync2 and want to find out whether it can be
recommended for use in DRBD+HA setup instead of the metadata volume + FS
links method. I've never liked the latter way of doing it and if csync2
is an option it certainly would solve a heck of a number of
configuration problems for me.

I read in an ML post that csync2 is only recommended for slow changing
config files. How would that apply to metadata for services like nfs ,
Samba/winbind etc. Could I use csync2 to replicate /var/lib/nfs and
/var/cache/samba for instance?

If csync2 is not the way to go, how about a cross between the metadata
volume and some other [d|i]notify based solution where local changes (on
active primary) are synced to the metadata volume and then synced back
to place (on passive secondary), controlled as a heartbeat resource,
when a failover occurs.



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