[DRBD-user] make kernel-patch failure with 2.6.13 kernel

prosolutions at gmx.net prosolutions at gmx.net
Sun Sep 11 21:08:54 CEST 2005

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> I know all that.  I did not suggest that.
> you don't answer the question.
> I suggest you _build a module_ (that is just the normal make),
> and intall that module (the resulting drbd.ko).

thanks. that is what i will do.  as you suggest, i can just create a
seperate .deb for it.  the reason for wanting the kernel patch was so
that i could have it included in the .deb of the patched kernel.

thanks for your advice!

> it has not been used by anyone since ages.
> it is not intended to be used.
> I am even tempted to remove that target.
> though it probably would be easy to fix.
> you should just build the module.
> sorry for reiterating that :)
> you do not want to build the "kernel-patch".
> you want to build the module, like all of us do.
> the kernel-patch target was just a courtesy of mine
> for people insiting on a monolithic kernel for some reason.

maybe a mention of this in the INSTALL doc would be helpful, or just
remove the instructions from there if/until you ever fix it.


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