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Thu Nov 24 13:54:14 CET 2005

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> André Moreira wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I'm a newbie on DRBD. I'd like to know if someone has a solution for
>> MySQL cluster using DRBD. And, the answers to questions like what
>> happens if the files used by mysql remain locked when the passive take
>> action? How to avoid it? Is it possible to load balance?
> If you want a master<->master setup, you'll need MySQL cluster. No DRBD
> is needed.
> If you want a master->many slaves, you can just use MySQL replication.
> No DRBD is needed.
> If you want a master / stand-by master setup, you can use DRBD to
> replicate /var/lib/mysql. Only one machine can ever have /var/lib/mysql
> mounted at one time and therefore, only one machine can be the master at
> a time. This should work fine.

Yes, this is the way I use mysql (4.1.9) on my redhat 9 heartbeat 1.2.3
cluster of 2 pc's running DRBD 0.7.12. It works fine for me after a month
of testing.


> Jeff
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