[DRBD-user] monitor drbd status / ha-nfs status

Brett Bolen hbbolen at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 03:56:33 CET 2005

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I'm writing a program to monitor the state of a system which contains
ha-nfs running drbd.

There is a primary nfs server and a secondary nfs server.

I would like to know system 'health' type questions:

    Is the primary up and running?

    Is the secondary ready?

    Has the primary failed?  Is it down?  Is it back up?

In addition, it might be nice to know some state information
such as:

    Are we doing a sync?

Perhaps there is other information that I should know as well.

There are some things that surprised me, such as ripping out
the primary drive still allows the mounted drbd 'device' to be
accessed ( over the network to the secondary).

It looks like much of what I want is in the /proc/drbd file.

Does anybody have any suggestions, or sources of information for me?


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