[DRBD-user] Off Topic - How to get 2 read/write partitions data replicated real-time ?

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Sun Jun 26 19:44:57 CEST 2005

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/ 2005-06-25 19:17:30 +0200
\ T0aD:
> Hello everyone,
> Im new to this list and Im trying to handle some free hosting server.
> The thing is, I got 2 servers in my network and I would like to use
> the second one to decrease the disk load on the main one by sharing
> one partition over the network, like with DRBD.

you could decrease read load, but you cannot decrease write load
(everything that changes has to change on all ...)

> But, since DRBD is only able to make real-time  replication on some
> offline partition,

did I really see an "only" in that sentence :-?

> I won't be able to use it as I want, that's to say
> to share twice the same data partition in read/write mode.
> If someone has some hints of what I should be looking for, it would be
> great for me and my futur members. Sorry for the offtopic question,
> but Im still searching and cannot find something really neat for my
> needs.

you don't want to share a partition, you want to share a file system.
[yes, there is a difference between block device and filesystem]
you need a "shared" filesystem to do that. (or "cluster" filesystem)
GFS, OCFS, etc.

once the current development series of DRBD is officially released, it
will support GFS/OCFS etc, but that is probably few month away still.

reconsider what you want, and what you think you need.
maybe nfs will already help?
or you can split your services, have two drbds, one primary serving one
half on one server, the other primary on the other server serving the
other half...

btw, I don't think it is too off topic.
and once you get your setup running to your satisfaction,
I'm sure you contribute a success story and maybe a howto back?

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