[DRBD-user] Consistent before first-time sync? Unknown error 990?

David Huang david_huang at proware.com.tw
Thu Jun 23 08:55:07 CEST 2005

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Hello Everyone

I set up two machines and running DRBD(0.7.11) on top of LVM2 with kernel 2.6, I use XFS filesystem. Everything works fine most of time, however sometimes when I create a new drbd device(lvsize to extend volumes by 128MB, setup configure file then drbdadm up all & drbdadm secondary all), as soon as I make two sides to Secondary, "cat /proc/drbd" shows the device is Consistent before I set one side to Primary. Isn't it suppose to be "InConsistent" before first-time synchronize?

it's an issue to me because when it happened, if I make one side to primary and try to mount the device, I am unable to mount occasionially, the console shows "mount: Unknown error 990"

Is there any solution to solve this problem? 


David Huang

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