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Amod Sutavane amodsutavane at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 07:18:39 CEST 2005

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Thanks a ton Diego.


On 6/8/05, Diego Julian Remolina <dijuremo at ibb.gatech.edu> wrote:
> It is NOT necessary to have a NAS or SAN to use drbd.
> You need two machines with network cards, each machine should have its own
> storage.
> If you are using external storage such as scsi attached raid arrays, SAN or NAS,
> then each machine should have its own array or at least its own partition of
> that external storage. If you can somehow share half your external storage array
> (like in dual connect scsi arrays) for one computer and the other half for the
> other computer, then drbd would mirror half the array to the other half going
> through the computers first.
> Similar hardware should be prefered if not identical.  Drbd uses a network
> connection to mirror the file system.  The file system will be only mounted in
> one machine at a time.  You cannot have the file system being mounted on the
> secondary (not even read only).
> I was not able to find any recommendations on mininum hardware on the drbd faq,
> is there anybody on the list that knows about a link with this information?
> Could this be added to the drbd website faqs?
> Diego
> Quoting Amod Sutavane <amodsutavane at gmail.com>:
> > Hi all ,
> >
> >        My name is Amod and i am new to this group.  I am just planning
> > to use DRBD for the cluster solution in my office. I need to know that
> > , Do i required the SAN or NAS box to use DRBD??? Can i use normal
> > server class machines like ???
> >
> > Thanks in Advanced.....
> >
> > Amod Sutavane.
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