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Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Wed Jun 1 23:12:56 CEST 2005

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/ 2005-06-01 18:02:04 -0300
\ Jairo N C Raiol:
> Excuse for all. Mainly for Lars Ellenberg.
> I forgot to use the translator.

not a problem.

> I understood that I can ignore the message, for being the only suspicion. 
> It is this same?  And that could compile kernel and drbd, if thus I to
> desire.

basically yes. to give a better hint what this message is about,
what modversion is, and how to build an external module for a kernel with
modversions enabled, let me cite
from /usr/src/linux/Documentation/kbuild/modules.txt

  --- 2.4 Preparing the kernel tree for module build
	  To make sure the kernel contains the information required to build
	  external modules the target 'modules_prepare' must be used.
	  'module_prepare' solely exists as a simple way to prepare a kernel
	  for building external modules.

	  Note: modules_prepare will not build Module.symvers even if
                CONFIG_MODULEVERSIONING is set.
                Therefore a full kernel build needs to be executed to make
                module versioning work.
  === 7. Module versioning

  Module versioning are enabled by the CONFIG_MODVERSIONS tag.

  Module versioning is used as a simple ABI consistency check. The Module
  versioning creates a CRC value of the full prototype for an exported
  symbol and when a module is loaded/used then the CRC values contained in
  the kernel are compared with similar values in the module. If they are
  not equal then the kernel refuses to load the module.

  During a kernel build a file named Module.symvers will be generated.
  This file includes the symbol version of all symbols within the kernel.
  If the Module.symvers file is saved from the last full kernel compile
  one does not have to do a full kernel compile to build a module
  version's compatible module.

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