[DRBD-user] Filesystem creations hangs - DRBD error

Lars Marowsky-Bree lmb at suse.de
Thu Jul 28 13:33:12 CEST 2005

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On 2005-07-28T09:56:06, Shashi Kanth Boddula <sboddula at novell.com> wrote:

> I installed DRBD in SuSE Linux . First , i created a Linux partition
> (fdisk) , configured drbd.conf file , started the DRBD process , and
> setup /dev/nb0 as a primary . After this , when i am creating a
> filesystem on /dev/nb0 (#mkfs /dev/nb0) , it will hangs . It doesn't
> generate any error message on the console . It will hangs forever. 
> Please anybody tell me what is the cause for this problem. 

I stripped the -dev list, as this isn't a development question.

You need to provide us more information on the exact software versions
you're running. Preferrably combined with exact steps how to reproduce,
output from /proc/drbd at the various steps and so on.

Are there no error messages in the logs? An oops or something? Surely
there must be messages from drbd up to the hang, at least. What does
sysrq-t show?

As this might be specific to the SUSE kernel, I'd recommend trying our
internal bug tracking processes first.

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