[DRBD-user] a drbd bug?

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Wed Jul 27 15:03:58 CEST 2005

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/ 2005-07-27 17:40:43 +0800
\ David Huang:
> It seems the error occurs when I did following steps:
> 1) Initialized a 2tb replication. 
> 2) When first-time sync is processing. REMOVE the volumes on both sides.
>    (set drbd device to secondary if primary -> drbdadm disconnect ->
>    drbdadm down volume -> lvremove)
> 3) Then create again a new volume with size 2tb
> 4) initialized replication. Notice the error msg pops up:drbd0:
>    drbdsetup [5772]"drbd_md_sync_page_io(,-19054354,READ) out of name md
>    access! The drbd kept printing the error messages and the number of
>    -19054xxxx was decreasing gradually before drbd stopped printing.

if you have "external" meta data, and you removed and recreated the
storage area, without wiping out and recreating the corresponding meta
data, too,
[*] then the meta data is completely bogus and unrelated.
this may be the cause of this error.

if you use "internal" meta data, chances are that the newly created
volume found the old meta data on disk at the same physical location,
and did not recreate a new meta data block, this leads to [*], again.

grep for "drbd.: Creating state block" in the kernel log just after you
"up"ed or "attach"ed the drbd again.

if this still gives no hints:
try again with a recent svn checkout
  svn co http://svn.drbd.org/drbd/branches/drbd-0.7

we recently fixed a bug related to resizing of the bitmap and the
activity log that led to similar symptoms.


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