[DRBD-user] a drbd bug?

David Huang david_huang at proware.com.tw
Wed Jul 27 11:40:43 CEST 2005

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Thanks for replies.

It seems the error occurs when I did following steps:
1) Initialized a 2tb replication. 
2) When first-time sync is processing. REMOVE the volumes on both sides. (set drbd device to secondary if primary -> drbdadm disconnect -> drbdadm down volume -> lvremove)
3)Then create again a new volume with size 2tb
4) initialized replication. Notice the error msg pops up:drbd0: drbdsetup [5772]"drbd_md_sync_page_io(,-19054354,READ) out of name md access! The drbd kept printing the error messages and the number of -19054xxxx was decreasing gradually before drbd stopped printing.

if I want to remove a volume which is still doing first-time syncing, is it the proper step ?



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oh, thank you for that :)

> Hello
> I am using kernel 2.6.10 with newest drbd (0.7.11) with LVM2. and using XFS filesystem.
> I created 2TG volume, and when I executed "drbdadm up lv" on both end. The error msg pops up:
> > drbd0: drbdsetup [5772]"drbd_md_sync_page_io(,-19054354,READ) out of mane md access!


> The msg kept jumping out and the number of -19054xxxx was decreasing before it stopped by itself.
> Is it a drbd bug?

well, bug obviously in the printk, where the format was %ld (now %llu).
chances are, that your kernel sector_t and drbds sector_t are not of
the same size
though I don't think that you could load that module then...
If it would be loadable, that would result in all sorts
of unexpected behaviour...

maybe the assert is just not correctly expressed...

but if you can reproduce this, and you are sure that both drbd module
and kernel have the CONFIG_LBD set, I'd be interessted to hear about the
circumstances in more detail, since then indeed it might be a drbd bug ...


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