[DRBD-user] Sendmail and drbd config question

Tim Hibbard hibbard at research.ohiou.edu
Wed Jul 20 00:32:25 CEST 2005

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We use postfix here and put the queue dir in /home/postfix.  All of the 
users MailDir's are in /home/xxx as well.  This creates a high availability 
mail server environment.

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>> I'm happy to assume that a harddisk failure could cause loss of mail,
>> and drbd could be used to manage that risk, but sendmail spools
>> can't be shared (?) so that means two different spools.
> I use sendmail to deliver to cyrus imap, Cyrus Imap over NFS is totally 
> out of
> the question as mentioned in the Cyrus imap howto. The reason to use drbd 
> is
> primarily cyrus imap and not really sendmail; but since sendmail is what
> delivers to cyrus, then I also need sendmail to be part of the drbd.
>> I'm not worrying about any other scenario just now,
>> but I'm always happy to hear horror stories :)
>> In the failover case you would want to be able to run the queue in
>> the failed-over spool.  The worst case might be a split-brain leading
>> to a double delivery, and that's allowed anyway.
> I have /dev/drbd0 mounted on /export and then I have the sendmail queue in
> /export/var/spool/mqueue, so if the primary dies, the secondary becomes
> primary and has control over the spool.
>> If you do some sort of VM failover then thati could take care of the
>> queue running.
>> Other than that I see no obvious reason not to make the setup as
>> symetrical as possible.  Run sendmail simlutaneously on the two servers.
>> If you need drbd'ed local delivery, then deliver by nfs to maildir
>> from the secondary.  Make a decision about syslogging. Anything else ?
>> What parameters do you want to make different?
> When secondary is running by itself, I want to be able to send e-mail out 
> to
> get reports from things like cron, logwatch, etc, which does not work 
> unless
> sendmail is running with at least the default config.
>> People talk about cyrus in the context of mail clusters as well,
>> but I don't profess to know anything about it.
> Cyrus imap is very cool because of its features.  Some of them:
> - Mailbox ACLs so you can make common mailboxes, allow read ony access to
> certain users to other user's mailboxes to avoid the common problem of
> password sharing.
> - Supports Kerberos auths (GSSAPI)
> - Supports quotas.
> - Single Instance Store (If one message goes to many recipients then it 
> only
> creates one message and hard links to the other users mailboxes).
> Check http://asg.web.cmu.edu/cyrus/download/imapd/overview.html
> I actually want Cyrus imap to be the HA service.  However since sendmail 
> is
> what delivers mail to cyrus, then I have to configure sendmail to only 
> start
> with the domain config to deliver to cyrus on the server acting as primary
> cyrus imap.  Since NFS is out of the question as mentioned in the cyrus
> website, I cannot have both servers running sendmail at the same time and
> delivering to cyrus imap both natively and through nfs.
>> I'm not doing this at the moment, but I may heading this way.
>> I'd be very interested in knowing what setup you end up with.
> I have decent install notes including installing cyrus, clamd, mimedefang, 
> all
> perl modules and just need to finish configuring sendmail to finish up my
> notes.  All of the notes are for RHEL4.  I will be willing to e-mail them 
> to
> you.
> Diego
>> > I am currently running sendmail with the mimedefang milter, checking
>> > viruses with clamd and tagging spam with spamassassin and then
>> > deliverying mail to Cyrus imapd.  All of these services are started
>> > through heartbeat on the haresources file.
>> I also have spamassassin, and a question on the back-burner is how to 
>> share
>> information across bayes DBs.
>> Regards,
>> Paddy
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