[DRBD-user] Sendmail and drbd config question

Eric Mercer emercer at rad.upenn.edu
Tue Jul 19 22:04:03 CEST 2005

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I'm assuming that the secondary node does nothing but wait until it is 
needed to be primary.  That seems to fit your description.  If you've 
set up an active-active configuration, my logic probably won't fit.

The secondary should be able to *send* email without having sendmail 
running.  You only need sendmail running to receive email, which the 
secondary probably shouldn't be doing.

All you would have to do is let the default config file be the 
"secondary" one.  When a machine becomes primary it should specify the 
"primary" config when starting sendmail.  Obviously, I don't think you 
should even bother starting sendmail on the secondary node.  I'd have 
the default config specify the primary server as the mail relay.  That 
way if the recipient host is down, the primary node will queue the mail 
for later delivery.

Of course, if you manage to come up with a sendmail config that works 
correctly when the node is primary (e.g., delivering local mail to local 
users) and also when the node is secondary (e.g., delivering local mail 
to the primary node for final delivery), then there is a benefit to 
having sendmail running on the secondary node all the time (shorter time 
for failover).  However, I'm not sure if that is possible.

Diego Julian Remolina wrote:
> Is anybody already running sendmail on top of drbd?  If so, I would like to 
> know if you configured sendmail to run with two separate configuration files 
> depending on whether the machine is primary or secondary.
> The issue I found is that sendmail needs to run with a minimal config file, 
> say the the default one (the default works on RHEL4) so that it can at least 
> send cron e-mails when the machine is acting as drbd secondary.  When the 
> machine becomes primary then it should stop sendmail running with minimal 
> configuration and start sendmail with the domain configuration.  Are there 
> any other suggestions on how to do this?
> I am currently running sendmail with the mimedefang milter, checking viruses 
> with clamd and tagging spam with spamassassin and then deliverying mail to 
> Cyrus imapd.  All of these services are started through heartbeat on the 
> haresources file.
> Diego
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