[DRBD-user] Current status of XFS on DRBD

Giuseppe giuseppe.cabras at fisica.uniud.it
Thu Feb 17 17:41:12 CET 2005

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Hi John, very interesting news,

Dr J Pelan wrote:
> I am currently evaluating XFS -> LVM2 -> DRBD on a 1.3TB array. This is
> based on SLES9 SP1 using SuSE's kernels (2.6.5-*.*) and DRDB 0.7.10.
> Everything seems fine thus far although it hasn't been fully exercised to
> 'production' levels yet. One feature to beware of with this SLES9 setup is
> that xfs_freeze should NOT be invoked prior to taking snapshots, lvcreate
> handles the consistency issues now apparently.

what hw device do you use? SCSI? S-ATA? RAID#? Have you some info on
tuning and performance achieved? The LVM2 layer have some impact on
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