[DRBD-user] drbd block device exported as a gnbd device

Filip Sergeys filip.sergeys at verzekeringen.be
Mon Feb 7 19:47:34 CET 2005

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I need to lighten up some confusements in my head. Most info I could
find on "drbd with gfs" on google is about having both nodes read /
write, but what about this configuration? (it is a draft for a simple

Host A (Primary node):
export /dev/nbX block device with gnbd to a few GFS nodes

Host B (secondary node):
Contains the mirrored disk, not even mounted. Just sitting there hapily
mirrroring data.

If Host A fails, Host B become primary, and exports the disk via gnbd on
its turn.

Will this work? I think it would because the /dev/nbX device is a
"normal" block device, so gnbd should not see the difference. However,
I'm not the expert in this area so I could be wrong.

Thanks in advance


Filip Sergeys

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