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Oliver Welter mail at oliwel.de
Fri Feb 4 10:05:55 CET 2005

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>> The heartbeat script should setup one of the nodes as primary on startup
>> - if this does not work, try "drbdadm primary node1"
>    The problem above is solved now, but I have another one now! I 
> stoped  the primary server(power-down) to see the failover.
>     The secondary server took over, and everything it was oki.... but 
> when  i restarted the ex-primary server he started as
>    secondary and he remained in that state.... Do not know what to do 
> now!  :(

Hmm, there might be several issues...

1) heartbeat knows several "recovery" modes - I think the default is NOT 
to take the primary state after a failover automaticalls - look for the 
"fallback" options in the heartbeat config.

2) You musst sync your "failed" drbd devices before you can make it 
primary again. So you should grant a certain amount of time after 
restart of the old primary node to give the device the chance to fetch 
the changes and get a synced state. You cant mount the device before it 
is synced


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