[DRBD-user] DiskLessClient state question please

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Thu Feb 3 12:04:37 CET 2005

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 Hi members,

While I was trying some tests with DRBD (v0.7.10 on primary and v0.7.8 on
secondary), I issued "drbdadm detach all" command on secondary.....
Connection state has become "DiskLessClient" on secondary and
"ServerForDLess" on primary.
The disk section of drbd.conf has "on-io-error   detach;".

So, I assume this is the correct behaviour, but does it make sense that
drbdadm let the user detach device without any warnings while connected ?
Maybe something like "do as i say" would be great ?

And finally, does "DiskLessClient" really means "there is no local device to
write to" ? Is that true for primary and secondary ?

Thanks to all.

Sylvain H.

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