[DRBD-user] drbd turned on me, and bit my hand this morn

Diego Julian Remolina diego.remolina at ibb.gatech.edu
Tue Dec 6 18:58:45 CET 2005

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> I moved the initial rc2.d startup script, and tried all variety of drbd
> commands after fresh reboots, in order to get a response of some sort.  I
> tried "drbdadm primary all" on this node, and so on, but drbdadm would
> never return or provide any sort of error message upon start.  Typically,
> I would get something like:
> "drbd starting [d0 "

This is the expected behaviour if you have set:

wfc-timeout         0;  ## Infinite!

in your /etc/drbd.conf for the resource in question.

This means that drbd should not start on a single machine unless it can 
comunicate with the second node.  This is for cases when both nodes go 
down (like in your case). How can drbd now who should be primary if both 
machines are down?.  Now, what you could have done is boot into single 
user mode on the machine you wanted to bring up as primary, then change 
the wfc-timeout to something other than 0 and let the machine boot up.

If tha machine had booted up and it was not primary for some reason, 
then you could have forced it to be primary using the drbdadm command.


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