[DRBD-user] Initial sync speed about 4K

Jason W. Allen jallen at mpgis.net
Mon Aug 8 15:51:14 CEST 2005

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Hello all,

I have drbd up an running (sort of) on my lab systems.  Both systems are
running debian Sarge Kernel 2.4.27.  But, I'm only getting 4K/sec for the
sync.  I've left it running overnight and it never got more then 3-4%

So I enabled my second network cards on both machines, crossover connected
them and configured drbd to use them.  Still same problem:

/# cat /proc/drbd
version 0.7.10 (api:77/proto:74)
SVN Revision: 1743 build by phil at mescak, 2005-01-31 12:22:07
 0: cs:SyncSource st:Primary/Secondary Id:Consistant
    ns:3600 nr:0 dw:0 dr:3624 al:0 bm:0 lo:6 pe:6 ua:6 ap:0
        [>...................] sync'ed:  0.2% (4765/4769)M
        finish: 27:06:43 speed: 4 (4) K/sec
 1: cs:Unconfigured
 2: cs:Unconfigured
 3: cs:Unconfigured
 4: cs:Unconfigured

Where do I start looking for this problem?  Is this a config issue, or is
this hardware related?  I get the same number from either set of network

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  jallen at mpgis.net

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