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Byars, Jason M jbyars at iupui.edu
Wed Sep 29 20:35:39 CEST 2004

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Well I can't say if these are good rates, but I have a 2 drive setup w/
a dedicated gig connection between machines running 2.6.8 kernel
w/minimal load.  On a full sync on 0.7.3 both partitions were syncing at
17MB/s so 34MB/s total.  On 0.7.4 I get 14MB/s each sustained so 28MB/s.
I did notice some bogging down on 0.7.4.  If anyone has better numbers,
please share your setup.  I always feel the need for speed.


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I have two questions regarding the drbd.conf file options

1.  What is a good sync rate with a dedicated 1gig Ethernet connection?
2.  What are the options for incon-degr-cmd? And what do they do?

Thanks for any info.  -Neil.

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