[DRBD-user] Performance-Test (was: Performance Problem with Informix Database Server)

Thomas Dingermann td at trobisch.de
Mon Sep 20 16:59:10 CEST 2004

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Philipp Reisner schrieb:

>It would be interesting if there is any differences with DRBD's 
>protocols ?
>Especislly if "B" is not quicker than "C". (If it is the case I would
>suggest it in this case...)

look at the forward from Lars to the list in orginal 

>local file usage isas expected (50 MB/sec) dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/x
>bs=2048 count=1000000
>Protocol      drbd connected      Rate(blocks/sec from vmstat)
>C                     yes                           200 - 300
>C                     no                             3500
>B                     yes                            70 - 230
>B                     no                              3500
>A                     yes                           3200
>A                     no                              3500
>-                        -                        15000(test-prog on local filesstem, see below)


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