[DRBD-user] drbddisk does not mout the resource

Florian Wozak florian.wozak at umit.at
Tue Sep 14 16:37:41 CEST 2004

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i'm trying to use drbd with heartbeat. Everything works fine, but the 
drbddisk script DOES NOT mount the drbd0 resource. "drbddisk drbd0 
start" changes the node correctly into primary state and a manual mount 
perfectly works (btw i'm using reiserfs).

But I have no idea how to get the script mountig the resource.

I am using the following setup:


/dev/drbd0   /data1 	 auto	     defaults,noauto	   0 0


resource drbd0 {
	protocol C;
	disk {
		on-io-error panic;
	syncer {
		rate 90M;
	on host1 {
		device /dev/drbd0;
		disk /dev/hda2;
		meta-disk internal;
		address 10.0.0.x:7788;
	on host2 {
		device /dev/drbd0;
		disk /dev/hda2;
		meta-disk internal;
		address 10.0.0.y:7788;

Could you please help me to get drbddisk mounting /dev/drbd0 to /data1 

Florian Wozak

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