[DRBD-user] [FYI] successful install: drbd-0.7.4 / RedHat 9 / kernel 2.4.7

Steve Purkis steve.purkis at multimap.com
Fri Sep 17 17:59:45 CEST 2004

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Hi all,

This is a success story installing drbd 0.7.4 on 2 (mostly) identical 
Red Hat 9.0 boxes running kernel 2.4.7.  Thought you might appreciate 
the feedback.

Download, compilation & install was easy.

Configuring /etc/drbd.conf was next - it was easy thanks to the 
template & comments.  I made a resource called 'p4test' as I'm testing 
Perforce replication.  When that was done, I tried starting the 

	root at p4test1:~ # service drbd start

This didn't work as /dev/drbdX hadn't been created yet. After creating 
the devices manually (see a previous post), the servers started & 
connected to each other sans probleme.  But then I found both volumes 
were (unsurprisingly!) inconsistent -- this meant I couldn't mkfs on my 
new mirrored device.  So I stopped one drbd server, and forced the 
other to be a primary server ala:

	root at p4test1:~ # drbdsetup /dev/drbd0 primary --do-what-I-say

Then mkfs worked:

	root at p4test1:~ # mkfs.ext3 -L p4root /dev/drbd0

After that I started up drbd on the secondary, and it started syncing.

	root at p4test1:~ # cat /proc/drbd
	version: 0.7.4 (api:76/proto:74)
	SVN Revision: 1537M build by spurkis at p4test1.multimap.com, 2004-09-17 
	 0: cs:SyncSource st:Primary/Secondary ld:Consistent
	    ns:276908 nr:0 dw:24724 dr:298484 al:65 bm:48 lo:0 pe:43 ua:1255 
	        [==========>.........] sync'ed: 54.8% (235292/512032)K
	        finish: 0:09:48 speed: 308 (472) K/sec

So I tried mounting the device:

	root at p4test1:~ # mount /dev/drbd0 /usr/local/perforce

Again, no problems.

I'll be trying out failover with Linux-HA next.

I'd just like to say well done for making drbd easy to install, and (so 
far ;-) simple to use.  Though slightly out of date, the docs have been 


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