[DRBD-user] Re: acl support with drbd - revisited

john little jslittl at hendricks.org
Mon Oct 25 02:35:55 CEST 2004

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Stephan Rattai wrote:
>> > Hello all,
>> >
>> > I am attempting to use acl support with drbd. So far I haven't been
>> > able to get the acl's to failover properly. (At least I think that's the
>> > problem-if there is some other reason that you know of please let me
>> >
>> > Setup:
>> > 2 x SLES 8 Servers
>> > 2 x drbd version: 0.7.4, setup with heartbeat to start smb, nmb, winbind
>>Hello all!
>>I previously wrote the above post and received several good ideas which
>>I have implemented-or attempted to.
>>One of these was to go to SLES 9 which I did.  I also went with
>>reiserfs.  I can't seem to get the syntax correct in the haresources
>>file for drbd to mount the devices with acls.  My syntax:
>>fp3la drbddisk::drbd0
> Hi,
> I'm not really up-to-date by now but shouldn't you pass the options for mount
> as rw,acl,user_xattr instead of rw::acl::user_xattr ? The way you are doing
> it, the Filesystem resource thinks those options are for itself, not for
> mount. By the way, what is user_xattr for anyway, there is no such option
> mentioned in the mount manpage ?
>>Is it possible to use acl's with reiserfs, drbd and heartbeat or should
>>I go back to xfs?
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>>drbd-user at lists.linbit.com


The documents as I understand them state that any argument to a script 
is passed via the syntax ::. Putting the options in as you specified 
makes haresources think that this is another script that needs to be 

With that in mind I tried as a separate script `mount -t reiserfs -o 
remount rw,acl,user_xattr' but that didn't work either.

Regarding user_xattr this installs into fstab as part of SLES 9, I 
suppose when using reiserfs.  According to the documentation that I 
found: "This patch uses the REISERFS_UNSUPPORTED_OPT flag to denote 
-o(no)acl, and -o(no)user_xattr as unsupported, but allowable, when 
support isn't built into the kernel." This seems to say that this is a 
patch to allow acls and attributes to be used when not compiled into the 
kernel.  Maybe someone at SuSE could shed some light on it.


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