[DRBD-user] Slow initial sync over dedicated network

Edward Muller edwardam at interlix.com
Sun Oct 24 13:18:44 CEST 2004

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We setup for a customer a 244GB DRBD setup on a pair of new servers. We've
done this before with almost identical equipment and didn't have any
problems. But this time the sync is very slow..

version: 0.7.5 (api:76/proto:74)
SVN Revision: 1578 build by root at db1, 2004-10-24 14:35:48
 0: cs:SyncSource st:Primary/Secondary ld:Consistent
    ns:4503944 nr:0 dw:103000 dr:4456176 al:2786 bm:782 lo:0 pe:520
ua:1867 ap:0
        [>...................] sync'ed:  1.0% (237376/239571)M
        finish: 42:12:00 speed: 1,308 (1,368) K/sec

The servers are using a cciss raid device and the network cards are TG3
10/100/1000 cards. We've got drbd.conf setup with a rate of 1G (we also
tried with 100M with the same speeds listed above). The raid array is
fully constructed as well. We're using protocol B.

The last time we setup a server like this the drbd device was only 60 GB,
but it only took about 30 minutes to sync. At that speed it should take
the 244 GB array only about 2hrs.

Any information on what could be wrong would be appreciated. We've
googled, seen the FAQ, played with the tunables, replaced the crossover
cable, etc. But the speed never really goes any faster than what's show

Thank You!

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